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07/02/2019 · Tested mostly on Mac and SmartOS using Python 2.7. Linux should work. The intention is to support Windows as well. Python 3 support is new and we welcome feedback. Python 2.6 support has been dropped in python-manta 2.7. sudo apt-get install python3-pip or. The manta-nfs server caches Manta objects locally for a period of time before writing them back to Manta. Likewise, if you update an existing object using the Manta CLI, the manta-nfs server may have a stale copy in its local cache for some time. 23/02/2017 · Triton Object Storage is simple for developers familiar with Unix. Interact with a simple CLI and API, without the need to calculate object number or size. Robust security is built-in, including object level security and access, deep role based access control, client SSH, and data encryption. Joyent uses and supports open source projects, including Node.js, Illumos and SmartOS, which is its own distribution of Illumos, featuring its port of the KVM Hypervisor for abstracting the software from the hardware, DTrace for troubleshooting and systems monitoring, and the ZFS file system to connect servers to storage systems. The company.

Make sure to take backups of your environment before any migration is complete. These backups can be saved temporarily to Manta / Object Storage or on your new destination for easier restore during the migration. Here are backup instructions for SmartOS. Manta Object Storage. Be sure to retrieve any backups or data saved in Manta. This document explains how licensed customers can obtain the supported version of Triton DataCenter and provides links for open source downloads. Open source builds are available from the public Joyent Development manta build directory;. smartos in.

Areca Arc 1880,1882 RAID controllers are now supported on SmartOS as of the 20130321 build. Thanks RM! 7 March 2013 Server Working, Some Torture Testing Areca ARC 1882 Raid controller is working with RM's arcmsr and the SmartOS isomerge exercise, booked. 22/03/2018 · Manta primarily uses Triton for initial deployment, service upgrade, and service monitoring. Triton itself depends on SmartOS. Manta also directly depends on several SmartOS features, notably: ZFS pooled storage, ZFS rollback, and hyprlofs. Building and Deploying Manta. Manta is built and packaged with Triton DataCenter. As we saw in MANTA-3144, larger files committed in Manta MPU were previously racing a 2 second shark timeout in muskie. To fix this, we removed this timeout altogether for commit requests. Still, there are other timeouts we can hit in the synchronous commit model.

  1. Triton SmartOS eliminates the complexities associated with VM host dependent solutions. Built-in networking offers each container one or more network interfaces, so each container has a full IP stack and is a full peer on the network, eliminating port conflicts and making network management easy.
  2. Today Joyent, the makers of SmartOS and Node.js, released the Manta Storage Service. It made quite a splash in the tech press today. I had an early view of Manta back in.
  3. This site provides a dynamically updated Changelog for the SmartOS Operating System. The page is generated by parsing the list of releases located at us-east.

03/07/2013 · Joyent Manta overview at the July 2 2013 BigDataSG meetup. A walk-through of the Manta platform on SmartOS that explains how the illumos innovations of zones, ZFS and Node.js led to the development of the Manta Storage Service. Examples, primary Manta commands and simple use-cases are provided to get started using Manta to analyze. pkgsrc is a framework for building over 20,000 open source software packages. It is the native package manager on SmartOS, NetBSD, and Minix, and is portable across 23 different operating systems. Use one package manager across all of your systems! Joyent provide binary packages for SmartOS/illumos, macOS, and Linux. In the event of a Manta reset, these. General Announcements; Exporting and Importing Custom Images. Elizabeth - September 19, 2017 19:14. Custom images for Triton are stored within the Manta. 3851731d ghost-latest 1.0 I smartos zone-dataset 2016-11-29 98120cce test 1.0 I smartos zone-dataset 2016-11-29 Backing Up Custom. I've run SmartOS for a little over a year now, having worked heavily in the Linux world primarily RHEL/Centos since 2000. I this description of SmartOS to be a highly inaccurate descriptions of SmartOS. First, it runs out of the box on the va. SmartOS is designed to be particularly suitable for building clouds and generating appliances. It is developed for and by Joyent, but is open-source and free for anyone to use. SmartOS is an in-memory operating system and boots directly into random-access memory.

5 January 2014 / smartos Edited May 1, 2015 with updated links to tarballs. Also, in hindsight I don't think that using a user-script is the best way to bootstrap for production. smartos Getting Started with SaltStack in the Joyent Cloud Edited May 1, 2015 with updated links to tarballs. Also, in hindsight I don't think that using a user-script is the best way to bootstrap for production.

Backup, Recovery and Security of VMs Elizabeth - April 12, 2018 14:42 As a valued customer of Joyent, we want to make sure you get the best possible service from us and that your investment in Joyent-based infrastructure is protected against failure and unauthorised access. The Image API IMGAPI is the SmartDataCenter SDC service that manages virtual machine images. Along with the SmartOS imgadm tool, various instances of the IMGAPI manage images in the SDC and SmartOS ecosystem. Joyent Manta Functions. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up. Will open the SmartOS changelog in your browser on a Mac. mpaste. Store pastebin style pastes with syntax highlighting in Manta. Helper function to construct R structure describing a Reduce task. To be used to satisfy the. argument of mantaJob.setup and specify the Unix command line task, any initialization tasks, an array of Manta filesystem asset files, and the memory/disk size to be used for the compute instance on Manta. 20/01/2018 · How easy it is to deploy and scale a containerized couchbase application on Triton Elastic Docker Host with just a few commands and fully automated configura.

  1. SmartOS source is freely available and can be accessed on Github. For more information on SmartOS Development, please refer to the SmartOS Developers Guide. Previous Why SmartOS - ZFS, KVM, DTrace, Zones and More Next Creating a SmartOS Bootable USB Key powered by MkDocs and.
  2. Performed CM deployment procedure for both SDC and manta manatees in staging-1,2,3 Verified that all waferlock services come up and are logging messages as expected; Spot-checked a few pg_hba.conf files to see that the IP addresses looked correct; Verified that moray is servicing requests normally and that manta seems to be functional.
  3. Manta, Triton's object storage and converged analytics solution, is a highly scalable, distributed object storage service with integrated compute that enables the creation of analytics jobs more generally, compute jobs which process and transform data at rest.
  4. 22/09/2014 · Manta primarily uses Triton for initial deployment, service upgrade, and service monitoring. Triton itself depends on SmartOS. Manta also directly depends on several SmartOS features, notably: ZFS pooled storage, ZFS rollback, and hyprlofs. Building and Deploying Manta. Manta is built and packaged with Triton DataCenter.

15/03/2018 · The SmartOS hypervisor provides both SmartOS zone container and KVM virtualization. Joyent's open-source Manta project is an HTTP-based object store with built-in support to run arbitrary programs on data at rest i.e., without copying data out of the object store. Manta runs on and integrates with Triton DataCenter. License. Site title ofis Joyent Joyent. IP is on nginx works with 2250 ms speed. World ranking 64988 altough the site value is $33 840.

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